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On Saturday the 28th of April 2018, an informative event on the project LIFE Andros Park for the community of Andros, took place at the Municipal Theatre of Chora. The purpose of the event and the speeches given, were to present the subject of the project’s activities, and its connection to the former LIFE project that was implemented in Andros (ANDROSSPA), as well as with the project LIFE Terracescape which is implemented at the same time in the island, while a representative from the Ministry of Environment (Mr I. Mitsopoulos) gave a presentation for the special characteristics of the NATURA 2000 sites.

Additionally, there was a strong focus to the necessity for active support and participation to the project by Andros’ citizens, in order to create a relationship of mutual trust and assistance between them and the project team, to jointly achieve a better social, economical and environmental status for the island. The speeches were followed by a discussion with the attendees, who shared their concerns about the project’s subject as well for general issues concerned the island’s environment.