Invitation to an excursion for observation of indigenous plants of Andros Islands

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The volunteer team Andros Routes and the LIFE Andros Park project team are organizing an excursion to search for indigenous wild plants of Andros in the area of ​​Arni and Remata and invite you to join.

The excursion will take place on Saturday 11 May at 10.00 am. Meeting point will be the church of Virgin Mary at Arni, next to the headquarters of the Arni Cultural Association. From there, we will go by Municipalities’ bus to the area of ​​Remata, from where our hiking will begin, in order to visit the alder forest that exists in the area. Then, we will descend to the area of Arni, ending up at the Church in Arni, where our vehicles will be.

Andros Island presents a unique habitat composition and special flora comprising of 1,046 indigenous wild plants. It hosts many endemic species, most of which are endemic to the Aegean islands, while some are extremely rare and endangered. It also hosts species for which Andros is the southernmost or one of its southernmost areas of distribution and usually grown along the numerous streams, in riparian forests, such as alder forests.

The excursion takes place at a time when most plants are in flowering and in an area of ​​particular interesting flora. During the excursion a botanical tour and presentation of the most important plant species by Dr. Panayiotis Trigas, assistant professor at the Agricultural University of Athens, will take place. The total duration of the excursion is estimated to be 3-4 hours and will cover a distance of approximately 4.5 km, by walking on the marked by the team of Andros Routes routes 13, 11 and circular Arni, but also on dirt roads. Please wear closed shoes and bring with you drinking water and a snack!

Our excursion is aimed at anyone interested in the flora of Andros, families, young people, adults and children.

It is required to inform us on your participation by Friday 10 May at 13.00, at, or at 6942-461841, 6972-986659.