“Mediterranean Monk Seal Rescue Operation” Seminar

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In the framework of LIFE Andros Park project, MOm – the Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk seal – invites you to participate in the seminar entitled “Mediterranean Seal Rescue Operation”.

The aim of the seminar is to inform stakeholders and residents of Andros Island of how they can give aid to a seal in need.

The MOm Rescue Team will present to the participants marine mammal rescue techniques, focusing on the Mediterranean monk seal, while a practical training will be also provided.

The seminar will take place on Saturday 7/3/2020, at 11.00, at the Town Hall of Andros, in Chora. The practical part of the seminar will take place on the beach of Paraporti.

Participants will receive a Certificate of attendance, while a Rescue/Necropsy kit including the necessary equipment for first aid provision to injured animals or sample taking from dead ones will be handed in.

We hope you will honor us with your participation.

Inform us on your participation at 6972986659 or lifeandrospark@gmail.com.

For any additional information we are at your disposal.