Invitation to the cleaning of beaches of Andros Island

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Following the successful cleaning of Paraporti beach last year, island’s entities expand their actions to more beaches of the island and invite you to participate in the cleaning of the beaches of Mylos, Fellos, Ateni and Paraporti.

The cleaning will take place at the same time on all beaches on Sunday 14 June starting at 11.00.

As part of the action, the participants will be informed by the organizers about the plastics that end up in our seas and the ways through which we can contribute in tackling the problem. The beach cleaning will follow and the collected waste will be removed from the beaches by the team of the LIFE Andros Park project.

It will be an opportunity to meet again after a long time and to take action for our environment. The action is addressed to families, young people, adults and children.

The meeting points and the persons in charge for each beach are:

  • Mylos, Korthi: Old Electric, Nautical Club of Korthi / Vasso Karantzopoulou, 6936817060
  • Fellos, Hydrousa: End of the dirt road / Maria Kozaniti, 6987324053
  • Ateni, Hydrousa: End of the dirt road / Giannis Kesaris, 6945200022
  • Paraporti, Chora: Beach Bar “The Rock” / Dimitrios Kokkinis, 6946600272

The action is organized by Andrion Club, Hydrousa Volunteer Team, Korthi Yacht Club, Katakoilos Cultural Association “Agios Ioannis Theologos”, Andros Yacht Club, LIFE Andros Park project – with the participation of the Municipality of Andros and Kaireios Library -, Port Authority of Andros, Association of Volunteer Firefighters of Andros, Women Association of Korthi Andros, Andros Routes, ANDROS Social Cooperative Enterprise, One Foot Forward, Environmental Education Center of Korthiou and AYLA – Center for Performing Arts.

We are looking forward to meet you there. Don’t forget to bring water and a hat.

The action is supported by the South Aegean Region and HELMEPA. Communication sponsor: Asteras radio 92.

The action will be carried out taking all precautions, in order to keep the required distances between the participants, while on each beach antiseptics and disposable gloves will be available.

As currently birds may nest on beaches, the selected beached are either close to the main settlements, or are already regularly used and no birds are expected to have nested.