Opening of the Botanical Garden and Photograph Exhibition at Agadaki Estate

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Kaireios Library initiates the operation of the Botanical Garden that was created as part of the LIFE Andros Park project at Agadaki Estate. At the same time, a photograph exhibition is organized on the species and the habitat the project is trying to protect and promote.

Agadaki Estate is located in Apatouria and includes a stone Tower built in the 18th century, a traditional olive mill, as well as an orchard of about eight acres that has two natural springs. It was the residence of the Andrian family Tzortzi or Agadaki. Kaireios Library has recently restored the Tower and the olive mill.

The Botanical Garden hosts 150 species of Andros’ native plants planted on the terraces of the Estate and in various locations depending on their requirements. The first terrace hosts aromatic plants and phrygana, while the second includes characteristic fruit trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants of the Mediterranean flora of Andros. Aquatic plants enjoy the running water that gushes through the stone-built terraces of the estate. The various forest trees and shrubs that usually cover the verdant slopes of the island’s streams or are located at their banks, grow along the river that borders the Estate, providing shelter to the Cycladic species -with flowers of special beauty- Scilla andria and Galanthus ikariae. Special signs have been placed next to each plant species providing useful information about their identity and biodistriction, while the route of the visitors is bordered by a stone path that crosses the first two terraces, leading the visitor to the facilities of the beautiful old olive mill.


The Botanical Garden has been designed with the scientific guidance of the Agricultural University of Athens in collaboration with the Kaireios Library. The plant species (exhibits) were collected on Andros and transplanted in the Garden. The aim of the project is not only to inform visitors about the flora and fauna of Andros, but also to protect the island’s rare plant species.

At the same time, in the Tower a photograph exhibition on typical landscapes of the Natura 2000 areas of Andros, the protected species and the habitat with alders, subject of LIFE Andros Park, but also on snapshots from the project’s activities is operating. The visitor has also the opportunity to tour the Tower and admire its traditional Andrian architecture.

The Botanical Garden and the photograph exhibition will be open to the public from the 15th of July throughout the week (except of Fridays) from 11.00 to 17.00.

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