Alders at Trichonida Lake

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The restoration activities in alder stands of Andros performed in the frame of the project did not go unnoticed! In several cases, citizens or stakeholders expressed their interest to apply the methodology developed and used in the project to produce and grow alder seedlings with the purpose of restoring degraded/destroyed alder stands in various localities.

One of them concerned the Pantanassa-Mandanissa village lying at the shores of the Trichonida lake at Aitoloakarnania (W. Greece); the local Cultural Society “Pygmaios Trichonios” expressed the interest to restore one of the alder stands at the Trichonida lake. In July 2020, the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA, Laboratories of General and Agricultural Microbiology and Systematic Botany) project team responded by providing guidance and alder seedlings inoculated by associated microorganisms. These seedlings are growing well and they will be planted on site in next February. Moreover, the Cultural Society of Pantanassa-Mandanissa village decided to further expand such restoration actions by planting alder seedlings in other stands of the area; in these cases, seedlings will originate from locally-collected alder seeds, and they will be produced by AUA together with the last batch of plants to be used for the needs of the project.