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On Saturday, May 28, 2022, the Botanic Garden of Andros, which was created in the framework of the LIFE Andros Park project, was inaugurated. The Garden is part of the Agadaki Estate (Kaireios Library) located in the village of Apatouria, close to Apoikia. The Agadaki Estate covers an area of ​​about 2 acres and includes an old tower house and an olive mill, which have been completely restored, as well as 11 main terraces which reach the nearby river of constant flow. The terraces are full of old olive trees, citrus and various other fruit trees. Based on the plans made by the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) in collaboration with the Kaireios Library, the Estate was adapted into a Botanic Garden, which hosts more than 150 species of plants of Andros Island arranged in five thematic units, and is the only one that exists in the Cyclades and the first in Greece to host a thematic unit dedicated to mushrooms. Its aim is to be a pole of attraction for locals and foreign visitors, to contribute to environmental education and public awareness and to highlight the rich flora of the wider area.

The inauguration event was attended by friends of the Kaireios Library, many Andriotes and other visitors. Short speeches were made by Mrs. E. Dampasi, Director of the Kaireios Library, by Mr. D. Giannisis, Deputy Mayor of Andros Island and by Mr. G. Zervakis, Professor of AUA and coordinator of the LIFE project LIFE Andros Park. A guided tour under the guidance of Mr. P. Trigas, Associate Professor of AUA and scientific director of the Garden, followed, with the assistance of the other members of the scientific team of AUA. Visitors were given a tour of the venues showing great interest, interacting and discussing during the event. Thus, they came in contact with the special flora and botanic history of the area, while they got familiar with the species of plants and mushrooms that are hosted in the Garden. In the end, the staff of Kaireios Library offered to all the guests local sweets and the excellent homemade lemonade, prepared from the lemons of the Agadakis Estate!

The Botanic Garden of Andros receives visits all year round after contacting Kaireios Library (tel. 2282022262) and the tour is guided by specialized staff. The Garden is accessed by the provincial road Chora – Apoikion where a sign leads to the Botanic Garden.

Happy Holidays!