Invitation to visit Agadaki Estate

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The Association “Friends of the Kaireios Library” organizes a visit to the Agadaki Estate on Saturday, September 3, 2022 at 18:00.

During the visit, a guided tour will be held in the Botanic Garden as well as in the very interesting exhibitions hosted there:

A. “Flora of Andros” by Elli Mandaraka-Stamatiadou

B. “Mushrooms of Andros” edited by Ilias Polemis in the framework of the project

C. “The Sea is a Road…” (The exhibition includes photos of the action with a group of residents of the island aiming at investigating the relationship between quality of life and marine and coastal environment through photography. It was organized as part of the project by the Institute of Agricultural Economy and Sociology of ELGO-DIMITRA.)

Free entrance.