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Setting the basis for the restoration of the alder forests in Andros

Setting the basis for the restoration of the alder forests in Andros, the previous month (March 2018) the first large scale sowing of seeds took place in specially formed rooms of the Agrucultural University of Athens (Laboratory of General and Agrucultural Microbiology). The seeds were collected from alder stands in alluvial lands of Andros, and while we are talking the young seedlings are already in their first stages of maturation. In the next few months, about 9000 seedlings will be transferred in the under construction nursery inside the facilities of Agadaki Estate in Andros (in collaboration with the Kairios Library). After an essential time of adaptation, they will be transferred in their permanent sites of plantation, i.e. in the sites that the alluvial forests are deteriorated or damaged, in order…
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Planning for the protection of the Mediterranean monk seal at Andros

One of the most interesting and challenging facts about the endangered Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) is its distribution: the populations of the species live in the eastern Mediterranean Sea and off the coasts of Africa in the northern Atlantic and are separated by more than 4000 km. Because of this distance, opportunities for cooperation between the teams working with these separated monk seal populations have been limited. However, the LIFE Andros Park project has managed to bridge this distance and bring MOm, the team working with monk seals in Greece and CBD Habitat, the team working with Mediterranean Monk Seals at Cabo Blanco in Mauritania, closer. Within the framework of the project the two teams will share experience and knowledge in monitoring Mediterranean monk seals; more specifically, MOm and…
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Plastic in coasts and nests

In November, the first samplings were conducted to assess the abundance of plastic and microplastics in coastal areas of the program. The visit was carried out by the project team at Kremmydes Beach which, in addition to the sampling, it was cleaned. (more…)
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