Architecture at Andros Island

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Architecture at Andros Island

The settlements of northern and central Andros are characterized the single-story or two-story buildings with a flat roof, while two-story urban buildings with neoclassical influences are found mainly in Chora and the surrounding areas, at Ormos Korthiou and Batsi.

Andros has a strongly terraced landscape, where small stone buildings, the so-called “cells”, are found. They are usually single-room, one-story or two-story buildings. The drystones of Andros have the characteristic that they are made of slabs of schist in dense layers and at intervals the schist plates are placed vertically.

Find out about the newest monuments located οn Andros and near your location in the Archaeological Land Registry.


Visit places by hiking trails

Andros has an extensive network of trails which are marked and maintained by the Andros Routes initiative. Following we suggest hiking routes to combine hiking with the history of the island.

Suggested routes:

1: Chora – Ypsilou – Mesathouri – Lamyra – Menites – Messaria – Panahrantou Monastery

3: Chora – Syneti – Dipotamata – Epano Kastro – Kochylou – Ormos Korthiou

4: Tromarchion Monastery – Piso Meria – Ammonakleio – Mousionas – Edonia

5: Vrachnou – Exo Vouni – Mesa Vouni – Giannisaio – Lardia – Rogos – Ormos Korthiou

In case you are interested in an organized hike you can participate in the open to the public hikes organized by Andros Routes on the island and the Andros on Foot Festival that is organized every year on the island. You can plan your own excursion in collaboration with local businesses: One Foot Forward.*

* Businesses are presented in alphabetical order. In case your business offers this activity and has not been included in the list, accept our apologies for the omission and please contact us ( to include it.